Leo Battle '19

A game is an opportunity at something we're good at or getting better at and enjoy. In other words,  gameplay is a direct emotional opposite of depression.
Leo battle'19 which was such kind of enjoyable and also the most awaited fun game series of UoM Leos was held on the 21st of June 2020. This game series was mainly acquainted for the newly connected members to UoM Leo club with the aim of familiarizing them to the UoM Leo club. As wished, they congregated around the club accelerating their enthusiasms.

In fact, eleven number of interesting funny different games took all the fighters to another world of fantasy. Mystery Image, puzzle, best comical photo, best project idea, Facebook treasure scavenge, finding the unseen word, best mobile capture, finding the hidden song, guru gola wenasa, fill the image creatively and secret emoji are the fun games which were able to congregate them around the UoM Leo family. Some games were individual as well as some were conducted as groups.
At the end of the successful day, all the combatants delighted with new experiences and new skills. For each and every game, one combatant or one group was introduced as the winner or the winning team because of their successful responses. At last, winners were gifted with gifts as well as all the combatants were gifted with great pleasure and collaboration of UoM Leo family.

Music never blind

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

The strength of a community depends on how willing its members are to contribute towards the upliftment of the lives of one another. Each human being has unique talents and capabilities that can help himself as well as others. It is the duty of humanity to use those capabilities to extend a supporting hand to a person in need.

Taking a little step towards letting visually impaired people to feel nature with some music and vocally described environment, Leo club of University of Moratuwa executed the project 'Music never blind'  with the objective of helping the people who are visually impaired and blind.

This project was held on 26th May 2020 from 8.00 a.m to 2.00 p.m at   Vocational Training Center for the Visually Handicapped, Karapitiya. The mental health of blind people can improve by some therapies. So we gave them a better medication CD which consisted of 11 audio tracks to make a positive sight and enlighten the darkness of delicate souls.

Also, we were able to provide the necessary clothes for them. We were informed that they are having a lack of clothes to wear. That was because there were no donations as a result of corona pandemic these days.
After all, we felt very glad because we were able to give sight for their lives through that successful, valuable project, Music never blind.

Heart in Art

There is a well known saying, "A really great talent finds its happiness in execution". So talents bring colours of happiness to lives. Everyone has talents and capable of doing things beyond imagination with their unique and different talents and abilities.

Leo club of University of Moratuwa succeeded with another great project,"Heart in Art" which was an art exhibition for little buddies who were differently-abled. They indeed proved that it is not disabilities they have but different types of abilities. They shared their rhythm of life and art in life putting their wonderful arts to the project. It was not only a happy experience to them and also a marvellous feeling to us.

Little buddies put their arts on papers incomparable ways.So that it was an infeasible thing to give judgement because their talents were amazing.It reflected that their disabilities have opened their eyes to see their true abilities.

At last their incredible talents were judged by the artist Wenusara Vindana Jayathilaka and the winners were as follows.
1st place- J.S.Janindu Sankalpa
2nd place-A.G.P.Buddhika Chathurangani
3rd place-Hiruni Madhusara Sellahewa

Not only these three students but also all the participants were appreciated because of their great contribution to colourful the project "Heart in Art" with their wonderful talents.


Many people have accustomed to spending most of their time outside of the home because of their busy schedules. When the COVID-19 curfew period was keeping everyone locked up into their homes, it was not a pleasant experience for them. Therefore, UoM Leos thought to do something to eliminate people’s laziness through their creativity itself.
Thereby, the project “Craftyland” was organized to collect craft-making videos. It was conducted intending to make a craft and post a video of how to do it for the viewers to give a try. This enjoyable project was successfully ended with a nice collection of craft-making videos with the contribution of Leos, prospects, and some outsiders as well. Besides, it could make this isolated period fruitful.

Care Beyond

"Earth is what we all have in common"
This is a famous quote saying how we all, every single being on the earth are connected to each other.In this critical coronavirus situation, human beings are caged in houses whilst surprisingly, mother earth is healing. Healing from the wounds we constantly caused. Stuck inside houses, we, UoM Leos did our best to help the environment and its creatures to breathe freely.
"Care Beyond” project, organized by the Leo Club of University of Moratuwa, was intended to prepare small places to feed squirrels and birds in our garden with food and water and capture little intimate moments of them. Being grateful for all those who joined and supported in the project, we were able to find a winner after going through the beautiful photographs they sent, which counted about 70.It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live and let us all do our duty at our best for a peaceful world.