The drama “Eka sakkuwe”

Service to be done, opportunities to be taken, courage is already there so we have to have collection. For collect in a creative way, we, the UoM LEOs staged a drama as a fund raising project.

‘Eka sakkuwe’ was a popular drama which was a proud production of Mr. Sarath Kothalawala. It was staged on 25th of October 2017 at Old gym of university of Moratuwa, in two shows, 4.30pm and       7.00 pm. So many university students and even Leos too came to watch this drama, and we were able to see queue of hopeful joyful spectators before show times. The well-known actors who were present in the drama performed their best to convey the message of the drama to the audience. And we could conclude it as todays drama which touched the core of the hearts of audience by seen the feedback of the invitees and spectators.
 The great writer Shakespeare has told that life is a stage and we are mere actors on it. So we provided the chance of visualizing the reflection of our selves for two hours by conducting this project. Ultimately this can be nominated as a successful project which satisfied the Leoism once again.

Siyak Sip Sal

We, all the Lions and Leos are bound to serve the community in the best possible way we could. Since the school children are the future of the country, it is one of our responsibility to be a guiding hand in their education.

Taking this in to consideration, the project ‘Siyak Sip Sal’ was organized by the Lions club of Dehiwala North, to encourage students who are going to sit for the G.C.E. O/L examination. We, the UoM Leos became contributors to this project by joining hands with them, together with the Leo club of Centennial Presbyterian Girls College, having the intention of enhancing their mathematical skills.

The project was conducted on 23rd of October at Presbyterian Girls College, Colombo from the morning onwards. As UoM Leos, we gave them hand in hand on mathematics to the students who participated in this seminar through discussing the mathematical problems targeting the O/L exam and taught them some easy ways to answer the questions while paying attention to each student as much as possible. This was carried out successfully throughout the day and we hope that our effort was a huge strength to them.
The Lions club is planning to extend this concept up to 100 schools in Sri Lanka and we, the UoM Leos are looking forward to join hands with them from every possible way we could, in the future too. 


There is a responsibility for everyone to take care about the fulfillment of the special needs and requirements of the elderly citizens. However, the society has paid less attention towards that responsibility. Hence, elderly people live alone, away from there loveable family members.

On 8th of October we, the UOM Leos visited Moratuwa Methodist Elders Home to spend time with them. We cleaned the surrounded area of the Elders Home on that day. Apart from that, we had nice meeting with them. It was a great day to remember as we able to make them happy and make them away from their usual loneliness. 

Singithi sith ru

The world of the preschooler is one of imagination and magic. Normally, children’s creativity will reach its peak before the age of six. During this period, kids tend to explore and learn about everything. Therefore, it is a critical time in the development of kids and parent and adults play a central role in it.

We, the UoM leos, in line with the spirit of children’s day, conducted an art competition “Singithi sith ru”,  for the kids of Sumudu Preschool on the 04th October 2017 from 9.00am onwards. Kids are asked to draw paintings on that day. While they are drawing, we shared their fresh ideas in a friendly manner. We are able to refresh them by giving yoghurt also. Finally, kids were given with a present and wind up the session for the day.

Senehasata Suwasetha

It is true that the best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, but they must be felt from the heart. One such beautiful relationship is the bond in between a mother and her child. Every mother wishes to see her child healthy. But, a mother to give birth to a healthy child, she herself must be healthy at first.
That is why, we, the UoM Leos joint hands with the Lions Club of Matara-Nilwala and organized an awareness program, aiming the mothers in Thissamaharama area, to make them aware about the importance of good nutrition habits during the pregnancy period, and the need of breast feeding for the children during infancy. The program was conducted on 1st of October from the morning till the noon, at the Public Health Officer’s premises in Thissamaharama area. Together with the awareness program done by Dr. W.P. Jayasena, there also was a distribution of packs of dry food items to the pregnant mothers who participated on that day.

The program was concluded as a success and at the same time, as the organizers, we would like to remember everyone who participated on that day including the health officers, Leos, Prospects and especially, the members from the Lions Club of Matara-Nilwala, who helped us to make the session a success. We hope that, the service done by this program was useful to the society, since a healthy mother and a healthy child is the future of a country.


Sihinayata Piyapath

We, UoM Leos correlate with the development   of education sector of children in rural areas, with the intention of enhancing their mathematical and leadership skills. We want to show them how to dream big and set their goals to make those dreams come true.

This project series “Sihinayata Piyapath” was conducted continuously to encourage students who are going to sit for the G.C.E. O/L examination this year.

6th phase of the project series was conducted on 30th September at Aluthwala school, Galle. Discussing the mathematical problems targeting the G.C.E. Ordinary Level exam paper was done on the day. Further, we planted trees in the school premises along with the green world concepts.




Leo club of university of Moratuwa held hands together with Centennial Leo lions club and Leo club of the handicapped Rathmalana to spend a stunning evening with a special group of marvelous people this time too at Rathmalana blind school on 29th September 2017.

Differently abled young buds who engage in anunprecedented striving to bloom as responsible citizens tomorrow were a true inspiration for all of us to follow. That very inspiring feeling we got is really the true essence which led us to do this task. We enjoyed a glamorous evening flled with incredible talents of these kids.

We sponsored their dinner and gifted all kids who showed off their talents with gifts and mementos and we did never forget the rest of them and even they were admired with many gifts.

Leo Lion Raveen Lankanatha, Leo Piyumi Pabasara and Mr. Hasitha Weerarathna were the great strengths behind us who sponsored the whole event. More than seventy members and prospects took part in this event and it can be called was very successful.