Diriliya Jayamaga - Sarukala divimaga

''She is the strength of the family, spirit of the country, real architect of the society.Lighting up her life will lead to brightening future of the world.''

As a mother, as a sister, as a wife and as a responsible citizen, woman plays a major role in the society. If she is strong enough in her abilities and skills to fulfill the responsibilities properly, this society will become a much better place than today. Therefore we thought that improving the abilities of the woman is the best way to empower them. 

With this leading objective, “Diriliya jayamaga - sarukala divimaga project was organized as a bag sewing workshop. Through this project we expected to give them a hand to start a new self-employment and introduce a solution to reduce the excessive use of polythene bags which has become an environmental hazard in these days.

This project was conducted on 23rd July 2017 at “Wasana” Sanasa society hall, Hapugala east with the participation of UOM Leos, prospects and about twenty women from that area. Mrs. Roshini Samarasinghe joined with us as the resource person. Finally, We were able to conclude our project Diriliya jayamaga- Sarukala divimaga as another remarkable step taken by Leo club of University of Moratuwa to empower the women while giving a better solution to huge environmental issue.  


It’s the dream of each parent to spend their old days with their kids and grandchildren, once they got retired from their busy lives. But, today that wish has become just a dream to most of them though they had spent more than a half of their lives on their children.

At the beginning of the new chapter in our club, we wanted to get the blessings from the best, the oldest and the wisest that had experienced the world most. That’s why we, the UoM Leos stepped into the Thihagoda Elder’s Home, Matara on the days of 7th and 8th of July together with the Leo club of Rahula College, Matara.

There we spent both days under their companion as by helping them to clean the elders home and from every other possible way we could. The second day was well spent with the Sil campaign, done together with those parents under our assistance.

Both days came out as a fruitful event where we were able to bring a little smile to their faces and be a little relief those hearts that hurt a lot.