Orphans are easier to ignore
before you know their names…
They are easier to ignore
before you see their faces…
It’s easier to pretend they’re not real
before you hold them in your arms…
but once you do,
everything changes...

Children are priceless treasures and gifts in the world. It is everyone’s conviction that the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of children should be amply and competently met. But children who live lonely in children homes with no affection of beloved family members may be lack of these needs. They also need love and affection in their lives even though we cannot give them the exact love from their own parents.  As Leos we always try to do the best for those children’s happiness and welfare. This time we were able to bring smile to the innocent little faces at Buddhist Girls’ Children’s Home, Kamil Pedesa, Nupe, Matara. 

It was 26th of November 2016. UoM Leos went to the Buddhist Girls’ Children’s Home to spend the time with those little children. Since their chances to enjoy their lives are very few, we had a small movie time with them, letting them watch a very interesting and exemplary movie that make them both happy and educated. And also we treated them with a tea party and presented them some gifts. Then we spent some time with them witnessing their hidden talents. At last we could see the success of our project by their happy faces.


Most of us go through life looking straight ahead. But when we reach some point, the stress we gain from it can tear us down. So it is good for us to stop once in a while and look up, because you’ve got to look up to see stars. The magical scenery they create will surely sooth all your pain and stress and then it will allow you to relax, enjoy and get amused by the little things in life that you didn’t see earlier.   In order to get away from the busy stressful lives, four outstanding Leo clubs of 306A2 Leo Club of University of Moratuwa, Leo Club of Godigamuwa, Leo Club of Katuwawala and Leo Club of Sri Lanka Technological Campus together with the Astronomical Association of University of Moratuwa and the Subhodi Institute, Piliyandala organized a stargazing camp “NIGHT WATCH 2K16” presenting a new experience to all the Leos of Sri Lanka.  It was a Night Sky Observation Camp and an Astronomy Workshop held on 12th of November at Remuna Vidyalaya, Horana from 6PM onwards. Many Leos who are curious about mysteries of the universe and love stargazing took part in this amazing event.

Even though we gathered to admire the beauty of the night sky, she concealed her beauty with heavy showers like a pretty princess hides her beauty with pride. But the organizers did not let her ruin the whole unforgettable cosmic experience which was planned to go till sunrise. First Astronomical Association of University of Moratuwa gave a basic idea on astronomy which gave everyone a light to follow the stargazing path. The telescope which was brought by the Subhodi Institute, Piliyandala was the most exciting thing in this whole event. They explained every part of the telescope, how to focus it and how to use it. Although we could not see the stars the organizers made it sure to make it an unforgettable memory for every Leo who participated. So the NIGHT WATCH for the year 2016 ended with style. 

Surakimu Mawuwaru

Taking care of the elders is considered as a mark of honor to them. Every mother has done a great sacrifice to create this society to this extent. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take care of them as they took care of us when we were children. However, there are some old people who are put in elder care homes and forgotten by their children. Our aim of this project was to help them as much as possible to forget their pain and loneliness and be happy even for a moment.

Surakimu Mawuwaru Elder Care Foundation is one such place. This time we visited them on 29th of October 2016. In order to make the event a success we distributed the workload among each other. As a result, we prepared the evening tea for them, cleaned the place and elders properly, distributed the donations among elders and donated the books to the coordinator of the elders’ home as decided before. Everything was done on time according to the pre-defined schedule. While working we had a chat with those elder mothers and it gave them a chance to express their feelings and erase even a little
bit of their loneliness. 

This program was successfully conducted with the help of our club members, prospects, some university students and the coordinator of the elders’ home. All of us were happy after this project   as we had done a great service. The main objective of this project was to make those elder mothers happy even for little moment. At the end the success of our project was depicted by their happy faces.