Sri Lanka is a country of and  Green  surrounded by the glowing Blue water…. Agree??

Of course, And rivers,  waterfalls, and lakes makes it living .
Have you ever heard about the largest natural fresh water lake in Sri Lanka???
Yeah I know it’s a quite hard question…
But I bet you will surely be surprised when you get to know the answer.
Yeah it’s hard to believe that the largest natural fresh water lake covers the western province mostly..
But it is…
And most interestingly it touches the borders of University of Moratuwa.
As we all know western province still keeps its record of belonging the most polluted environment in Sri Lanka.. So ,  is Bolagoda lake ,the largest fresh water reservoir is  properly conserved??? Or its banks are protected from erosion???  
We UoM LEOs were concerned and launched “Haritha” , the mangroves planting program  on 3rd of October 2015at the bank of Bolagoda lake. The young hearts who love the Lake BOLAGODA  gathered around LEOs and completed another successful chapter of contributing to serve Nature and Green Sri Lanka.

කවි ලීලා - දන්නා කවියක නොදන්නා මිහිර

සිතේ උපදින හැඟුම් සිත්තම
කියාගන්නට වදන් නැති කළ,
හඬක් නොමැතිව ගොලු වු හදවත
හඬක් සොයමින් ලතැවෙනා සඳ, 
කාත් කවුරුත් නොමැති වූ කළ
ළඟම රැඳෙමින් සිත නිවන නුඹ,
කවිය නුඹ හැර අන් කෙනෙක් වෙද
සිතේ සිතුමන් වලට පණ දෙන.....
ඔබට කවදහරි හිත අස්සෙ එලියට එන්න දගලන  සිතිවිලි කවියකින් ලොකෙටම අහෙන්න කියන්න ඇත්නම් කියල හිතිලා තියෙනවද……… එත් එහෙම වාසනවක් හම්බෙන්නෙ බොහොම ටික දෙනෙකුට …..එහෙම අයගෙනුත් තමන්ගෙ කවිය ඇගයිමකට ලක්වන්නෙත් තවත් සුලු පිරිසකට….
එද එහෙම සැබැ කවිකාරයෙක් තමන්ගෙ කවිය ලොකෙට එලි දක්වපු දවසක්…… වගේ තවත් කවියෙක් තමන්ගෙ කවි පොත් වල ගැබ් වෙලා තියෙන කවි අපේ හදවත් වලට දැනෙනා විදිහට අපිත් එක්ක දොඩමලු වුන දවසක්
2015.10.06….ඉර බැසගෙන යන හවස කාලේ.,….මොරටුව විශ්ව විද්‍යාලයේ ලියො සමාජය විසින් දියත් කල මෙම වැඩසටහනට ප්රවීණ ගීත රචක වසන්ත ප්රියන්කර නිවුනුහල්ලයන් සහභාගි වුණා
'සමනල කන්ද'  , ‘සිත්ක උපන් කවි  ‘,ඔබ මට සිදුහත්’ , ‘ වගෙ ඔහු අතින් ලියවුන  නිර්මාණ පිලිබද  පැමිනි සිටි කවිලෝලින් සමග රසවත් සංවාදයක ගොඩනැගුවා….
වගේම මහෙශ්වර අරුනකන්ත විසින් රචනා කර ගයාන් කැකුලාවල විසින් සංගීතය මුසු කල හර්ශන දිසනායක විසින් ගායනා කරන ගැටයා ගීතය එලිදැක්වීම සිදු වුනා.
ඉතින් ඔබටත් දවසකක් කවි සිතිවිලි පහල උනොත් සිතිවිලි වලට නිකන්ම හිත අස්සෙ මැරිලා යන්න දෙන්න එපා…. කවියට කොලයක් තුල හරි ජීවත් වෙන්න දෙන්න..

  Api Akurata Mali Nowemu

Since  it is the month of October, only few weeks remain for the upcoming o/l exam. So  UOM Leos decided to give a helping hand for the students who are facing o/ls. This seminar series was organized in two phases. On 5th of October 1st phase of the seminar series was held at Hinnarangolla central college at Welimada. Next  phase  was at Ha/Getamanna dakuna maha vidyalaya on 27th of October. Seminars were conducted from 8.30 am to  2 pm. At the first session papers were distributed among students and gave them a chance to find answers, finally the marking schemes were also distributed.
After the paper discussion, it was the time for sharing experiences.
 I know a lot of you may be very stressed about the upcoming exams, I remember how stress I was myself back in grade 11,but as long as you are starting to go through your notes you'll be fine

Those words of UOM Leos were a motivation for those students. As we all know, when Exams are only a few weeks and as is usual we all start to stress a little, even for who have been through the exam system before.So we had to make their minds too. At the end of the day we were able to make them more confident for their exams.

Around The Fort

Do you love challenges?
“Challenges are what makes life interesting.Overcome them is what makes life meaningful.”    --Joshua J. Marine
We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges. So, always try to face challenges.
Around the Fort was a great chance for the people who were seeking to face curious challenges. It was held on  18th of October 9a.m. at Galle Dutch Fort. As world archaeology day falls on month of October Leo clubs of districts 306 A1,A2,B1,B2 have given their contribution to organize this event. Teams were organized with 5 members. According to the map, teams had faced series of challenges around the Fort. There were balloon games, poster drawing events  and many interesting  games. Sponsors  for this event were Target Media, Allianz, Ceylon investment group(Pvt) Ltd. Cash prizes were awarded for the 1st place - 10000LKR 2nd  place - 7500LKR 3rd  place - 5000LKR.We are proud to say that one of our UOM Leo teams has won the 1st runner’s up.

Team spirit was highly required for all the teams throughout the day. That day was really a remarkable day for all the participants as all of them had enjoyed a lot from the games and fun events.
Spend each day of life with challenges. Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits….


  Pubudamu Mal Kakulu

It is been said that there is nothing purest than a child’s mind. But, as adults, we should be more sensitive to identify their minds. So on second of October, UOM Leos was lucky to see the deepest thoughts and feelings which are hidden in inside some purest minds.
It was a children’s programme with the small children in Bodiraja vidyalaya, Katubedda. For UOM Leos who gathered there, that was a reminiscence of their good memories of the childhood. The arts that were born by the hand of those children were a reflection of their thoughts, feelings and emotions. They showed us how they see the world.

These days everyone talks about bad influences for children from adults. These all problems which are faced by children, happens because adults do not try to understand children or do not interact with them in a way that children can understand. So this programme was a bridge that connected two worlds for a one moment – the world of young generation and the world of the children.

So it is everyone’s duty to help children to grow up. Let them to be ‘children’ ... Let them to feel the freedom in childhood…. Every noble person and every criminal owns childhood… So it is adults who make a demon or an angle from a child….So gather to make an angle….