There are many things that all know these things are dangerous and come across our lives without prior warning. But it is human nature to take actions for those after happened. Especially for illnesses that do not show any symptoms.  Hepatitis is one such illness.
On 28th July 2015 the world hepatitis day, Leo club of University of Moratuwa and Leo Club of Unawatuna Diamond Stars gathered as one team just to remind the people what they should know about hepatitis. People near the road sides of Katubedda junction were informed about the disease by distributing handouts. May be a little handout will save a man’s life..
 It was just a little journey. But we were able to make a flash in peoples’ mind that they have to be careful.
So it is up to you…Get tested early…Beat it...Because it is close more than you think...


 “A leader is one who knows the way,goes the way and shows the way”
As leaders, LEOS show the way for future leaders. UOM leos organized a leadership and positive attitude development program at sujatha vidyalaya, Matara. It was carried out on 5th of July 2015 from 9am to 4pm. The program was for girl guides in schools around Matara area. On the day,first half was full of fun games and team spirit building activities. In the second half the motivation lecture done by leo Yasendra Abeygunawardhana was impressive. Leadership is a quality that is not tangible, we can't touch it. It is a quality that is not measurable, we can't calculate it. Despite the variability in perceptions of leadership, we all have leaders who have made a difference in our life and inspired us in one way or another. That’s what everyone got at the end of the day.

බෝධි පූජා පිංකම

හද එළිය නැහැවීයන සන්ධයා භාගයේ, බොල්ගොඩ නදියේ දිය හැපී බිදෙන නාදයෙන්ම පමණක් නිහැඩියාව බිදීමට සමත් වූ, මනුසත් සිතක හුදු පහන් හැගීම් ඇතිකිරීමට සමත් ගග අසබඩ පන්සල වූ කලී නිතැතින්ම සැමගේම සිත් නිවන අපූරැ තෝතැන්නකි.එමෙන්ම ඉපදී මියෙනා භව කතරින් අප එතෙර කිරීමට සදහම් පැන් ඉසිනා අපූර්ව වූ සොදුරැ නවාතැන්පලක්ම වන්නේය. එදා ඡුලි මස 30 වනදා සවස 6ට පමණ වී තිබුණි.
මොරටුව විශ්ව විදයාලයීය ලියෝ සමාඡයට හා නව නිලධාරී මණ්ඩලයට, නව ලියෝ වර්ෂයේ වැඩකටයුතු සාර්ථකව කරගැනීමට සෙත් පැතීමත්, අනපේක්ෂිත ලෙස ඡීවිතයට සමුදුන් ලියෝ මහේෂ් අබේවික්‍රම සොහොයුරා සිහිපත් කර පින් පැමිණවීමත් මෙම බෝධි පූඡාවේ මූලික අරමුණ වුයේය.
බෝ පත් සිසිලේ, ඝණ්ඨා හඩට කන් දෙමින්, නේක වර්ණ මලින් පූඡාසන සැකසීමද පහන් සිළු දැල්වීමද අපට මහත් ආශ්වාදයක් එක් කලේය. මනුදම් සිහි කරවන බණපද දැවුණු, තැවුණු සිත් නිවාලූවා පමණක් නොව අධයාත්මික සැනසීම හා නිරාමිස ප්‍රීතිය ද එක් කල බැව් සියල්ලන්ටම මොනවට පසක් වුණි.


Three or four gentlemen staring at you, focus on you and about to ask an question, an important and special question which decides your whole way to go…..
“Ok! Tell me, why you should be selected for this position?”

“aerrr…..  ahm…. Ah… oh…, well …. I…………………………”

So, are you ready?

We UoM LEOs were keen on the situation and thought of improving university students before this awkward moment. 
 As regards, the past president of LEO district 306 A2, LEO Isuru Senadheera was the guest speaker for the occasion on 4th of July. His experiences in facing for interviews as well as interviewing somebody else made participants strong in facing for a board of white collars.
Turning into preparing a CV it makes us little anxious. What should be written? Is it the proper way of mentioning a skill or a talent? This is confusing…This session gave an idea to prepare a correct CV in the formal manner.
The session was conducted focusing on the applicants for the board of directors for the upcoming Leostic year and for sure they might have taken the maximum out of it…  


“Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.”
-Nelson Mandela-

A child without education is like a bird without wings. Primary education for students is highly effectible for the future of nation as it is the foundation for their whole life. The best feeling of happiness is when you are happy because you’ve made someone else happy. So, we organized a special seminar for grade 5 scholarship students on 9th July at Kamburipitiya Damitha Education Institute. The resource person, Mr. Chaminda  Liyanaarachchi conducted the event. We distributed presents for the students who got highest marks for the model paper as a motivation for all other students.
We were able to give a helping hand for those little children making them confident for the examination and it gave us a great pleasure at the end of the project as we were able to bring a smile for those little faces.