Sea, Sand, Shore A MOVE TO SAVE

          Mount lavinia beach is a paradise of foreign tourist as well as local tourists. Not only it is a valuable land of our country, beach is wonderful scenery which attracts tourism eye. So keeping it clean makes the county benefits. Nevertheless we cannot allow destroying this land due to human activities.  This is not another one of project but this is an investment for the future generation from UoM Leos as well. We had done it on 15th of September successfully at mount lavinia beach with the help of Leo club of Mathugama.
ü  Cleaned the sea area.
ü  Informed to people and explain about value of nature.
ü  Worked with the members very cooperatively as a family. 

Program officers: National post-consumer plastic waste management project –central environment authority, Sri Lanka
Members of Leo club of University Moratuwa
Immediate Past District President - Leo Isuru Senadheera.
Members of Leo club of Mathugama.
            On the 15th Sunday we gathered to University and went straight towards Mount lavinia beach. There was lots of garbage including plastics, fishing nets polythene etc. Firstly we removed huge collection of fishing nets from the beach. It seemed very ugly and weighs much. But it couldn’t able to reduce the strength of our leos. We were able to walk about 4 or 5 km with collecting garbage. Almost all members of UoM leos work together with members of Leo club of Mathugama as brothers. It was great experience to us. During the cleaning process the leaflets were distributed while the cleaning programme officers guiding us. We handed over garbage bags and every other wastage to the waste cleaning center of the Mount Lavinia. Finally the project was ended up with a great success.

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