Venue : Electronic Department (ENTC Auditorium), University of Moratuwa.
Date : 5th of September (Thursday), 2013.
Time : 11.15am. Onwards.
Project Chairman: Leo Tharusha Palliyaguru.

                Human immunodeficiency/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome – HIV/AIDS, the much dreaded disease, has over the years claimed many lives, and researchers have been battling for the past several decades to find a permanent cure to combat the deadly virus. According to information provided by the National (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) STD/AIDS Control Programme of the Ministry of Health, a recent survey has revealed, an increase of 12% in the number of cases compared to last year, with 81 cases confirmed as being HIV positive. This year, to date, 90 cases have been detected and confirmed as HIV positive.
                 With the country being unable to control the menace, mainly due to the behavioural patterns of the population considered at risk, the numbers of patients have been increasing in the recent past. So, it is important to organize  awareness programmes, reaching out to people not only in Colombo but in the suburbs as well, to educate the public on the dangers of acquiring HIV.
 As the doctor pointed out that following some fundamental ways to prevent HIVAIDS,

1.       Changing of attitude

It is the right time for people to develop an interest in or concern positive attitude to HIV / AIDS, with the positive attitude that will be decisive in changing the behavior of others. Behavior such as rape and sexual scandal would be very low, which could help in the prevention of HIV / AIDS. Unless we change our attitude towards HIV / AIDS prevention then it will be difficult to achieve.

2.       HIV/AIDS Protection by Education

Many people so far still do not have enough knowledge about HIV / AIDS, HIV / AIDS worldwide, government authorities with the responsibility to protect its citizens should educate people about HIV / AIDS. In rural areas where the majority does not have access to basic education to know about HIV / AIDS is not just possible. In these places, young people with a great exhibition are having sex without protection is a major risk for contracting HIV / AIDS. Having knowledge about HIV / AIDS is the greatest investment you can have an individual

3.       Financial Security

To prevent HIV / AIDS, we need to make sure people are financially secured. Poverty is a main reason for spreading of prostitution. In developing countries most girls turn into prostitution because they have no other option to solve their financial problems. Therefore, it is important that people are financially secured at least to fulfill their fundamental needs.

4.       Safe sex
Sex is something we cannot avoid unless you are physically challenged to the extent that sex is a privilege for you. Having sex is the right of your body. Prevention of HIV / AIDS can only be done when people starting to have some safe sex, ensuring that any time you have sex no doubt, good to have some devices HIV / AIDS as a preservative. We can only prevent HIV / AIDS, if we think the way we have sex. Reckless sexual behavior will have a very negative effect on how to prevent HIV / AIDS and increase the spread of HIV / AIDS. Since sex is a natural force cannot resist, as humans can resist having sex at the time or the wrong places.        .

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