Leo club, obviously, is a place where all of us get the opportunity to enhance our soft skills. Leos of UoM took another step ahead on improving soft skills by launching a project on teamwork after the Orientation. In the board meeting of this month the main thing we discussed about is increasing the membership among Level 1 and Level 2 students. For that we decided to do e mail campaign to invite new members. And also it was really important to give the newcomers a good impression about the Leo club, and also to show them how we get Leadership, experience and opportunity through Leoism. To fulfill this, we decided to launch this project after the orientation programme.

How It Is Conducted?

First the participants were divided in to five groups and they were asked to arrange in circles. Then they were instructed to hold their Hands entangled while staying on to the same circle. The challenge was to re-arrange their hands in to correct position (without entangling) while maintain the circle of the team.

Actually we didn’t expect anyone to win since it is not an easy task to achieve without having high team work ability. But it was nice to see a winning group, actually not only a one group, two groups won the challenge. The interesting Fact is that most of them are Prospects. So we were really happy to see such a good potential in them.

  • Actually this Project mainly focused on several things.
  • Accepting the challenge.
  • Team work ability.
  • Leading own group members.
  • Fulfilling the task without taking much time.

Therefore according to above facts participants were instructed about leadership qualities and team building abilities. Its easy to them to understand what does the team work ability means since they had a superb hands on experience by participating our activity.

All the prospects were happily engaged in this event and we got lots of positive feed backs from them about the activity. Best thing we have gained by conducting such activities is promoting Leoism in order to make good Leos to the nation.

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