Another activity conducted on 14th of November after the general meeting. As Leos fellowship is a very important word which comes always with Leo movement. Therefore we had a discussion on developing fellowships among the club members and the prospects during a board meeting. So as a result of that an activity to get know each other well was conducted after the general meeting of November 2011.

We had a high amount of participation on that day of prospects & majority of members too. Therefore it was a good time for us to carry out the project on that day. As we expected all the members & prospects were highly appreciated the activity after it was over. Because they had an interesting experience by participating except the benefit of fellowship building.

What we did…..

First the participants were asked to take a chit randomly which we have prepared earlier. Then they were instructed to find the person among them who is having the matching chit for each other. Then they were seated separately as pairs and asked to get to know about their partner in many topics such as Name, Hometown, family details and finally a special secret of him or her which like to share with others.

So all the participants were engaged in this event very enthusiastically. This project also helped to improve the communication skills of every participant as they had to speak in front of whole gathering. The Prospects were engaging this kind of activity fir the first time. Since they had a nice and valuable time with us in all these events we can join them in our projects in future as well.

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