BEACH CLEANING PROGRAM - A joint project between the LEO Club of University of Moratuwa ,LEO Club of Mathugama and Leo Club of Godigamuwa.

Beaches are one of the most beautiful assets in Sri Lankan natural environment. The beach sides has became a main way to attract travelers from foreign as well as from own country. But due to the environmental pollutions near the most civilized places the beaches become unclean and it leads to cause damages to the beauty and cleanness of those places. Some of the beaches are just plain dirty. This garbage consists of polythene, plastics, and foods wastes and so on. Garbage seems to be everywhere and is causing a serious threat to the general health of those living near the beaches and the people who come as travelers to those places. So as the leading young people in the society the LEO club of University of Moratuwa and the LEO club of Mathugama wanted to carried out a beach cleaning program to clean those areas and help the country to keeps its beauty more longer. As an answer for request of leos,, the post consumer project of Central Environmental Authority supplied, all of the bags to collect the garbage.

The way of the project was carried out

  • First the LEO club of University of Moratuwa, LEO club of Mathugama and LEO club of Godigamuwa decided to do this joint project to complete the social responsibilities of LEOs by doing an environmental cleaning program. We gave the priority to the most unclean beaches to conduct the program and finally selected the beach of Mount Lavina, one of the most popular beaches in Sri Lanka. We arrived to that place before 9. Am with polythene bags to collect the garbage and started to clean the whole area. The following things were basically done through the project.

  • Collected all the dirty stuffed including polythene, plastics, food wastages, paper wastages, and so on. All the LEO members were actively participated to the cleaning program and we could walk more than 4kms along the beach to collect the garbage.

  • Three were some fabric sacs in the beach which were totally filled with sand and buried in the beach. We could hardly removed them from the beach and all the sand inside, were washed away to the sea back and the fabrics removed from the beach environment.

  • All the collected wastes was given to the waste cleaning center of the Mount Lavinia

Gains through the LEO beach cleaning program

  • Participated to a social servicing activity to protect the mother lands beauty and cleanness.
  • Enhanced the awareness of the people about the environmental protection
  • Enhanced the interrelationships between the LEO clubs.
  • Improved the brotherhood between LEO members of another LEO clubs

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