RISE AND SMILE.. - A helping hand for O/L students

As there only two month left for the GCE ordinary level exams we, LEOs of leo club of university of moratuwa decided to give a helping hand to students who do not have a teacher for ICT subject. so we chose bodhiraja vidyalaya for our project. since those students do not have the knowledge about the subject we decided to conduct some classes for two months. one day for each week at 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

  • Teach students the missing parts of the IT subject.
  • Reduce their pressure for the exam.
  • Motivate the students to face the exam in a comfortable manner.
  • Motivate students to carry out their careers towards higher education.
  • Give them an idea about Leoism.
  • Teach them about the world they are going to step into, the challenges they have to face and the knowledge the world heavily depends on.

First we did a small research about lack of teachers in schools for various subjects. Then we came to know that Bodhiraja Vidyalaya does not have a teacher for ICT subject and there are students who will sit for ICT exam in O/L 2011. Without a teacher those students do not have any knowledge about ICT subject. So we decided to conduct a series of programs to teach them the subject and give them the confidence.

As the project goes for at least two months we decided to do the programs in shift. As usual many Leos agreed to give their support. Chathura Gamage and Ujitha Iroshan have done the first program. In the programs we offered students to do some group activities and also the practical according to the ICT subject and it helps to students to get more familiar with the subject and the computers.

We had a great time with the students and we shared our experience with them and students were very happy with the program and gave us satisfaction.

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