LEO Olympics 2011

Every LEO of the district 306 eagerly awaits the grand sports event ‘Leo Olympics 2011’. It is a day when LEOs celebrate their athletic abilities, giving tribute to their physical prowess with a spirit of fairness and enthusiasm. It’s a much awaited day even for LIONs to witness the spirit of sportsmanship in their little juniors.

The ‘Leo Olympics 2011’ was held on 10th of April 2011 at Sugathadasa Stadium -Colombo, organized by Leo Multiple District Council 306 Sri Lanka. It was held as both track and field events. Track events included 1500M, 400M, 200M, 100M, 400 x 4, 100 x 4 and field events included High Jump, Long Jump, Put shot,Volleyball, Netball and Basketball. District president lion Sadeepa Palliyaguru was the chief guest.

Locations allocated for each district was colorfully decorated. After the national flag hoisting by the Chief Guest, LEO Olympics flag was hoisted. Then Olympic torch was lightened up by six people from six districts. The Chief Guest spoke words of appreciation and encouragement. He was impressed with the values and discipline of the LEOs, and thereafter he declared the sports event open.

The excitement began with the first race- a 400 m. The enthusiastic cheering from audience encouraged the competitors to do their best. The commentators added to the exhilaration with their witty and encouraging remarks. The ticking scoreboard kept the teams elated. Yells of delight echoed as the scores fluctuated.

At the end of the day leo district 306 C2 became the 1st place for overall performance. As usual 306 A2 became the best district for decorations. All good things must come to an end and so did our ‘Leo Olympics 2011’. The lovely weather, enthusiastic participants and vigorous cheering made this year’s sports day a grand success. The ‘Leo Olympics 2011’ was ended up about 7 pm with a presentation of medals for winners.

LEO cricket carnival 2011

It was again the time for the festive of Cricket carnival for LEOs. The LEO Cricket Carnival 2011 was held on 27th March, at the Piliyandala UC grounds. The event was jointly organized by the LEO clubs of University of Moratuwa & Moragahahena.

The key event of the Cricket carnival was the Six A Side cricket tournament. Every LEO club of the District was invited to compete in the tournament and the winner is selected under the knock out basis. 14 teams participated in the cricket tournament.

There were some close battles in the tournament. However Leo Club of Egodawatte became the champions and DEL's became runners up. There was something which made the players refreshing, the cheering. Thank you very much and hats off for the contribution and support for those who came to watch the tournament.

The end of the eve came with triumphant memories, not only for the winners of the game, but for everyone with the joy of belongingness of the LEO family. LEOs showed the better way of playing the so called gentlemen's game, how to win and most importantly, how to lose. Also we should be grateful to those teams who made this event success by their valuable participation.

Tribute to Leo Mahesh.....

Leo Mahesh Prasanna Abeywickrema, the 2nd President of the Leo Club of University of Moratuwa.

As a club we are having great stand today, due to leaders like you we had...
But we unfortunate to miss your leadership and your kind smile...

Its 6 years now....

Leo Mahesh, may you attain Nibbana......

(Mail send by Leo Chaarmani for the 1st death anniversary of Leo Mahesh)