District Contest Standings upto November 2010

Club Aug Sep Oct Nov  Total
Moragahahena   101000 302700
Piliyandala 95000       156050
Polgasowita     102800 92500 265800
Mathegoda     152000   229950
Mathugama     43250 69500 193100
Raththanapitiya       64650 64650
Baddegama     59500 26350 85800
Kalubowila     22700   71570
Horana metro     Pending 68350 250500
UOM     155650 108750 460350

A Day with People Suffering from Mental Disabilities

Identifying the importance of the social responsibilities LEOs of UoM spend a day with people with mental desabilities at the ‘Victoria mental disability center’. The project was an international project which was a joint effort of 9 leo clubs from 5 different countries. In Sri Lanka the project was conducted by leo club of UoM in collaboration with leo club of Carey college on 26th February 2011.

The mental disabilities have no usual life. Even they cannot do their daily activities by their selves. Every time they need a helping hand. Also they have limited opportunities to express their thoughts and emotions to others. It’s very rare to find a person who chats with them. These factors directly pointed us to such a community project.

About 20 leos contributed for this project. The programme was started at about 9.30 am. It included a shramadana campaign to clean the surroundings where they live, which was a needy thing as the whole area was covered with weeds and unwanted plants which was a majour cause for spreading mosquitoes also.Then the LEOs helped them to have their lunch and after that they spent the time talking with them, sharing their stories and laughter. At the end of the event we had a meeting and the chief guest fort the event was District President of district 306C2 Leo Imran Mohamed.Some clothes were also donated to the Victoria home at the end of the event. The day was end up with a great success leaving a smile on their faces.

This was a valuable opportunity not only to improve the fellowship among clubs but also to improve the harmony. Also it is a great pleasure for LEOs of UoM to initiate such an international project with a LEO club of district C2. We hope that LEO clubs all around the world would get together by these kind of projects.