Happy New Year 2009

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¨°º¤ø„¸ HaPpY ¸„ø¤º°¨
¸„ø¤º°¨ NeW YeAr.....

District Contest Marks - UoM Still on the Top

July Aug Sep Oct Total

UoM 64850 131100 33500 241300 470750
Polgaso 4900 51000 110550 N/R 166450
Matugama 11200 29550 21850 54800 117400
Raigam GJ 9750 9300 N/R 9900 28950
Piliyandala 28500 44950 33300 89900 196650
Moragaha 13550 N/R 70650 61500 145700
Mattegoda 4450 6050 14100 11450 36050
Kalubowila N/R 29350 143750 65550 238650
Dampe Pili N/R 10000 136650 40550 187200
Bokundara N/R N/R 31900 N/R 31900
Open Arc N/R N/R N/R 16400 16400

Well Done Leos!!

LCI Leo Leadership Training Survey

The Youth Programs Department and the Leadership Division want to provide Leos with the building blocks to obtain the appropriate skills Leos need to insure their success in leadership roles and responsibilities.

Learning is a lifelong process and Lions Clubs International believes all leaders and future leaders can benefit from training. In support of this idea, we would like to provide Leos with a variety of tools and resources to assist current leaders and future leaders in developing
their leadership skills.

To help us identify leadership-training opportunities for Leos, we invite you and your Leo club members to take a short 4-question survey.

Please visit www.lionsclubs. org and click: Youth Programs/Leo Clubs. Once on the Leo Zone home page, you will see a link for the Leadership Training Survey.

To help us hear the voices of all Leo members, please provide members this information at your next club meeting, and encourage them to take the survey too!

Please complete the survey by January 31, 2009.

International Human Rights Day 2008 - Competition for Leos around the world!

The Leo Club of Dhaka Heaven Plus is organizing an online Photo Essay and Writing Competition for Leo's around the world to celebrate the International Human Rights Day 2008.

We have got awards for highest participation by Leo Clubs, Leo Districts and lots of other prizes for the winners!!



Any one interested to participate can request an Entry Form, Rules and Regulations Guidelines along with a full information kit by e-mailing us at info@dhpleos.org

Entry submission deadline : 15 December, 2008.


Hey guys!

The competition seems to be heating up a lot! We already received e-mails from Leos in Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe requesting Entry Forms and Rules and Regulations Guidelines for the competition. If you want to participate in this competition which will show case the talents of Leos around the world, then please

Send us an e-mail at "info@dhpleos.org" AS SOON AS YOU CAN requesting the Entry Form and the Rules and Regulations Guideline.


This competition is aimed at bringing the different Leos around the world together for a good cause. You can do your part by spreading the word about this competition and participating yourself as well!!

By participating, you stand a chance of being the Champion of a competition that will be participated by Leos around the world!

Here is the event link on FB:


Thanks everyone for all your support! :D

Shabab Bin Maqsud
Founding President
Leo Club of Dhaka Heaven Plus

Thank you for your support and we did it greatly

Dear LEOs,

Thank you very much for your participation and coordination your friends for the project which held at Ranawiru sewana Ragama today (9th December).
I'm very proud of you because there were more than 100 students to help us and disabled soldiers.

Please give our thank (on behalf of LEO club of University of Moratuwa) all your friends who participated for this event by your request.

LEO Manula Dharmarathne

Shramadana Campaign at 'Ranaviru Sevana'

A Shramadana Campaign jointly organized with
The Buddhist Society of University of Moratuwa
will be held at 'Ranaviru Sevana', Ragama
on 10th December 2008.

Transportation from the university to Ragama will be provided.
Those who are willing to participate, please be at Goda Canteen by 7.00 am