Sri Lanka Army Needs Bottled Water - Please Make a Donation!!

Since Sri Lanka Army urgently needs water bottles to send to army troops in front lines, Leo Club of university of Moratuwa has made arrangements to collect bottled water and hand over to SL Army.
The bottled water will be collected from 29th Oct to 4th of Nov at Goda and Wala Canteen.
Please give your donations.

Api Wenuwen Api wemu

Launcing of Official Website of Leo District 306 A2

We are proud to announce the launch of the official web site of Leo District 306 A2 with a host of new features enabling you to collaborate with the fellow council officers and leo clubs more efficiently.

Following Features Will be available for the Leos of District 306A2

Helping Hands for Education

Piyumal Gunawardana Memorial Scholarship & Library Project For Undergraduates

Humans are born to help other humans, once said, a philosopher. We as LEOs have
pledged to help others who are in need. In the university there are enough people in need of help, we thought. Inspired by the ideas of LEO Chalitha Gunawardhana we initiated two continuous Educational projects for them. Here is an overview of them.

Piumal Gunawadhana Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Engineering undergraduate , an old boy of Rahula Collage‐Mathara & a brother of LEO Chalitha,late Piyumal Gunawardhana, Pumal Piyumal Gunawardhana Memorial Fund for scholarships & LEO Club of UOM have joined together to award scholarships for undergraduates who are in need of financial assistance.

Currently 3 level 1 students, in need of financial assistance are awarded with 10 monthly
installments of Rs1000 during the 1st academic year. The money will be directly transferred to the selected candidate’s bank account each month, by the memorial fund and LEO Club will be responsible for selection and monitoring of the scholarship program.

Priority will be given for students considering
• Net Monthly Income Of the family
• Demise of parent(s)/bread winner
• Family members still in primary, secondary or tertiary education
• parent(s)/bread winner suffering from long term health problems/disabilities.
• General conduct of the student.

The memorial Fund stated that in the future with the accumulation of funds, they’ll be able to lengthen the tenor of the scholarship and expand in to many candidates.

Library Project

One of the essentials for Undergraduates studying under any discipline is study material &
books. Yet there are always some who can’t afford them at the outset due to financial
barriers. Also there are some who no longer need the books which they used few years ago. Our library project is aimed at collecting books from the latter and maintaining a small library for the use the former.

As the beginning we were able to collect number of “Advanced Engineering Mathematics”, “Mechanics of Machines” & “Engineering Thermodynamics” Books. You also can contribute to this, by handing over any of the books especially used by 1st & 2nd year students, to LEO Chalitha.

You can enlighten the life of someone you don’t know, by giving something you no longer need.

- From "Its US" the Official News Letter

Congradulations!! Vidula & Sumudu

Last month was a special one for a couple of our former LEOs, who worked together as fellow members with us, and fell in love with each other. It was time for them to build their own nest filled with love and joy.

Former LEOs of LEO club of UOM LEO Vidula Hasaranga & LEO Sumudu Amarasinghe got together on the last month.

May their life be filled with love , happiness & joy.

Upcomming Events

Origamee, Education & Film show– In celebration of world Children’s day

Venue : Kosgama Lama Gammanaya
Date : 11th October 2008
Time : From 9.00 AM onwards
join project with Colombo (Host)
(It was great success.So I would like to thank all the LEOs who participated and Ms. Kusum Somasiri (Probation Lady) and Ms. Anula (In charge officer in Kosgama chiled home).

How to conduct a meeting

Venue : Lions activity centre, Colombo7
Date : 19th October
Time : 9am onwards
Guest speeker : Lion Shehan Kumar
Join project with Leos of Colombo Host & Matumagalla

Mass Induction for LEO District 306A2

Venue : Auditorium 2 (L block)- University Of Moratuwa
Date : 26th October
Time : 8.30 a.m. onwards
Join project with Leos of Piliyandala & Moragahahena

Leo blood donation campaign

Venue : @ University of Moratuwa Health Center
Date : 30th October (Thursday)
Time : 8.00 am onwards
joint project with Lions Club of Colombo Host

Library project for LEO in University of Moratuwa .

Continues Project
Contact Leo Chalitha : 071 30 59 190

Scholarship program for 3 university students

Contact Leo Chalitha : 071 30 59 190