"API Wenuwen API" Donation of the collected items for battle casualties to SL Army

It is with great pleasure that we inform you of the donation of the collected items for battle casualties to SL Army. These items are collected by Leo Club of University of Moratuwa in quick response to a request by Jagath Jayasuriya (General - Commander in Wanni) regarding short supply in Army Hospital, Anuradhapura.

The collected items were handed over to SL Army on 23rd of March at 10.00 am in university grounds during Leo Cricket Carnival 2008. Staff Officer(ii) Major L.D.P. Gunawardana accepted these items on behalf of Sri Lanka Army.

Sri Lanka Army conveys their gratitude towards all the students, academic and non-academic staffs of University of Moratuwa for the great contribution they've done on this matter.

Read more at http://www.army.lk/morenewsfet.php?id=3671

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Read more about this at http://www.army.lk/morenewsfet.php?id=3671