Stage Drama ‘Puluwannam Allaganna ’
There’s theatre in life, obviously, and there’s life in theatre  
~Charlie Kaufman~
‘Puluwannam Allaganna’ was a drama which was a mere reflection of the society that we are currently experiencing today. This fabulous evening was finally brought in to the screen, as a collective effort of all the Leos and prospects from Leo Club of the University of Moratuwa. The main intention of this annually organized drama was to raise funds for the projects, the club has planned to carry out in future. Further, that was also an endeavour to improve the literal taste and relieve the minds of the viewers from their busy daily schedules.
Old Gymnasium of the university was reserved as the venue of the event, while it was staged in two-time slots during the same day, 1st November. Many of the viewers were the undergraduates from the university, academic and non-academic staff members while Leos, Prospects, Past members and Lions from our club and as well as from other fellow Leo clubs joined with us in that evening.
The drama was a production of Akila Sapumal, who is an emerging young stage drama director in Sri Lanka. The drama crew was a combination of both young and experienced clever actors and actresses including Jagath Chamila, Thilanka Gamage, Imaya Sewwandika, Kithmini Hemachandra, Uditha Liyanage, Dilranga Epa and Susanga Kadawalarachchi.
The plot of the drama was basically on the current situation of the country including how the general public feels about their lives and the true story behind the people and the politicians. This was presented to the audience, with comedy where appropriated and won the attention of the whole audience over the entire drama.

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