17th Installation Ceremony

Talent wins games, but ‘Teamwork’ and ‘Intelligence’ wins championships. Out of all, ‘Teamwork’ indeed has been the substantial reason for our greatest achievement so far, the Most Outstanding Leo Club of Sri Lanka for two consecutive years. Being a community serving and leaders making organization rather than being a non-profit one, we, UoM Leos ended another blissful year full of achievements and happiness.

25th of August 2019 marked our leoistic history as another successful benchmark that handed over the authority to a new generation, appointing new club officers whom now will eagerly look forward to execute their best for the betterment of the society.

17th Installation Ceremony of Leo Club of University of Moratuwa was honored with the participation of many distinguished guests of Leo Multiple District 306 whom always were undoubtedly  wondrous pillars backing us in each and every aspect. PCC Lion Dr. Anver Dole as VIP Guest, Current District President of Leo District 306A2, Leo Mudith Jayasekara as Special Guest, MDP Leo Dilruk Tissera, IPMDP Leo Lion Kesari Seneviratne PMJF, IPDP Leo Lion Kasun Lokugamage as Special Guests made our ceremony a big thrive giving their utmost strength for our success as always.

The main tasks of the ceremony included the designation of Leo Nethmini Kolambage as the Club President for the Leostic year 2019/20, Leo Sanduni Supeshala as the Club Secretary and Leo Chamindu Jayalath as the Club Treasurer while all the other relevant officers officially assume their duties.

Another astounding Installation Ceremony of Leo Club of University of Moratuwa reflected an Imperial Legend of Eminence as usual and headed forth to make the better difference they dream to witness in the society.

Shells Over Trash phase 2

Marine pollution has become a serious issue around the world today. It affects Sri Lanka greatly because the ocean around the whole island has been recognized as contaminated, hence threatens the lives of the ocean. Many endemic species have been included under the endangered category in the Red Data Book due to the marine pollution occurred recent past.

“Thousand miles begins with a single step” is a famous saying which is followed by UoM Leos. To minimize coastal pollution, UoM Leos launched the second phase of beach cleaning program, named “Shells Over Trash – Phase 2” on 24th August 2019 at Panadura beach. A Kite festival which was organized by joining hands with MJF foundation, has also been held parallel to the Beach cleaning activity to raise more awareness towards the program. The kites were built without using polythene or plastic as a symbol of our initiative towards a sustainable future without polythene.

We were able to clean the beach and also collected a lot of plastic and they were given to “ZERO TRASH” for recycling. “PICKME(SRI LANKA)” sponsored us in transporting these waste. The event concluded successfully with the participation of UoM Leos and prospects and the blessings of nature friends.

Sipmansala Phase 1

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

“Sipmansala 2019” is a project launched by Leo Club of the University of Moratuwa to enhance not only the educational background but also the motivation of the students,
who are facing their GCE O/L examinations this year. The first phase of Sipmansala was successfully completed on 12 th of July
2019 at Narawala Maha Vidyalaya, Galle.

We also conducted a motivational program to build the mindset of the students through their
economic problems and others. Our leos encouraged students to make a better version of
themselves. The seminar series is basically targeting the mathematics syllabus for upcoming
O/L examination. “Swasnaka Sansadaya” donates all papers which needed for this seminar.

After project completion, we saw the impact of the students’ satisfaction become more relevant.
We got very good comments from those children that inspired us more to continue the same
deed in the future. Finally, by conducting this project, we realized that true happiness can only
be found by helping others to find it.


පුණ්‍ය වර්ෂා

ගමත්, පන්සලත්, වැවත්, දාගැබත් හා සබැඳි සිංහල සංස්කෘතියකට උරුමකම් කියන අපි, ඉතා ඈත අතීතයේ පටන්ම බෞද්ධ ආගමික විහාරස්ථාන සමග ඍජු සම්බන්ධතා 

පවත්වන්නන් වෙමු.අතීත සිංහලයාගේ සිට අද දක්වා ගත්කල, ඔවුන් හා ගමේ පන්සල අතර සබැඳියාව ඉතා ඉහළය. බෞද්ධ වෙහෙර විහාර නමස්කාරය මෙන්ම  වෙහෙර විහාර ඉදි කිරීම හා පිලිසකර කිරීම ද සිංහල බෞද්ධයන් මහා ඉහළින් සිදුකරන පුණ්‍ය කර්මයකි.

මොරටුව විශ්ව විද්‍යාලීය ලියෝ සමාජයේ අපද, ලියෝවරුන් ලෙස අපගේ යුතුකම් හා වගකීම් ඉටු කිරීමෙහිලා තවත් එක් සමාජ සත්කාරයක් ලෙස විහාරස්ථාන චෛත්‍ය ඉදිකිරීමේ වැඩසටහනක් පුණ්‍ය වර්ෂා නමින් දියත් කෙරුවෙමු. මෙම වැඩසටහන යටතේ අපි, අගෝස්තු මස 17 වන සෙනසුරාදා දින, කෑගල්ල හෙට්ටිමුල්ල ශ්‍රී ආනන්ද බෝධිරජාරාම විහාරයේදී , විහාරස්ථාන චෛත්‍ය ඉදිකිරීමේ පුණ්‍ය ක්‍රියාවට දායක වුණෙමු.

පින් කැමති ලියෝවරුන් රැසක් මේ සඳහා ශ්‍රම දායකත්වය සැපයූ අතර මෙම වැඩසටහන එදින දවස පුරා විහාර භූමියේ පැවැත්විණි. මොරටුව විශ්ව විද්‍යාලීය ලියෝ සමාජයේ තවත් එක් වටිනා මෙහෙවරක් ලෙස පුණ්‍ය වර්ෂා විහාරස්ථාන චෛත්‍ය ඉදිකිරීමේ වැඩසටහනක් මෙලෙස සාර්ථකව නිමාවිය.

Shells Over Trash Phase 1

“Every Piece of Trash you Remove Reveals Something Beautiful”

The first phase of Shells over Trash, a felicitous effort made by UoM Leos with the desire of conserving a pristine coastal line for the younger generations, was successfully held on the 14th of August at Crow Island Beach Mattakkuliya with the participation of Leos and prospects.

Rather than organizing an ordinary beach cleanup, this time we joined hands with ‘Zero trash’, who were willing to take over the plastic trash we collect and make yarns out of them. This branching out was able to furnish an effectual and convincing way of disposing garbage to the community. Further, through this project we were able to publicize the importance of moving into sustainable ways of waste management from the usual ways that cause long term issues.

Prior to the cleanup campaign, we had the opportunity of having a discussion about coastal pollution and remedies to be taken with the Crow Island beach park committee, who provided an immense support in organizing this event. During the day everyone was eager to contribute their best, finally to see a clean and tidy beach. At the end of a successful beach cleanup, sorted plastics were handed over to the “Zero trash” crew. “PickMe” (SriLanka) sponsored us in transporting the trash. Everyone was jovial to enjoy the evening breeze of a calm and peaceful beach. That was the end of another inspiring and highly appreciated project carried out by UoM Leos.

LEAP Phase 1

“Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and most importantly a way of communicating.”

Leadership training provides leaders with the tools, knowledge and
ability to impact and inspire their followers. Leadership programs
provide the opportunity for leaders to sharpen their skills and share
their experiences with other leaders to mature in their effectiveness,
and they produce leaders that are able to lead with confidence and

Leo Club of the University of Moratuwa conducted LEAP phase 1 on 10th of August 2019 at MR/Ransagoda South Junior School.Leadership camps improve not only manners and behavior of students, but also personal morale and confidence.It consisted of leadership development activities, games and fun activities which made each and every student show their skills. Weather condition challenged us a bit, so we did them as indoor activities

At the end of the day we saw the faces of students filled with satisfaction on what they have obtained. The day remarked a successful and a happy ending along with the emotional, heart- warming feedback of the students who are ready to shoulder the future of this country as leaders.

Pause The Moment

4th of August was another unforgettable day to the Leo family of University of Moratuwa. It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us brothers and sisters. The journey with these brothers and sisters was filled with happiness and joy

This time, Leos of University of Moratuwa visited Ambuluwawa Temple as their annual trip. Ambuluwawa Temple is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful observation points in Sri Lanka, situated in Gampola. It is a must-visit place in the hill country. Though it was a bit difficult path to travel to the temple, the brotherhood and the power of giving helping hand among us made it easy.

Shilpadhi Phase 2

‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world'

'Shilpadhi' is a project launched by Leo Club of the University of Moratuwa to enhance the education background of the students who are facing for the O/L examination this year.

The project was initiated during last month and the second phase of the seminar program was successfully held on 2nd august 2019 at Akuressa Maramba Maha Vidyalaya. Other than a seminar on mathematics, there was a motivational program also to build the mindset of the students. During the seminar, we discussed a model paper with them and tips to learn the subject easily.

As in previous phases, we got good comments from the students after the program. At the same time, we would like to be thankful for everyone who helped us to make this project a success.

Budhu Meth Pamula

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be
shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”
-The teachings of Lord Buddha.

Aspiring this thought, Budu Meth Pamula, the Buddhist Devotional Song festival conducted by the little kids at Sumudu preschool in Katubedda along with UoM Leos in celebration of Esala Poya was successfully held on the 19th of July 2019 at the preschool premises. The beginning was marked by worshiping Lord Buddha and lightning the oil lamp afterward. UoM Leos with the enormous help given by the preschool teachers then planned to let kids sing devotional songs. It was so adorable how those little urchins were lifted up and down from the stage by leos because they were that small while we
were blessed with the happy smiles drawn on their parent's faces.

Then we, UoM Leos with the preschool staff filled those tiny tummies of kids with the refreshments we made for them and gifted them with little presents while they gifted us back with their amiable gestures.

                              It ended becoming one of our cheeriest and most satisfying projects.



ජීවිතයේ සෑම කර්තව්‍යයක්ම ආරම්භ කිරීමට ප්‍රථම බුද්ධ, ධම්ම, සංඝ ත්‍රිවිධරත්නයේ ආශිර්වාදය ලබා ගැනීම සිංහල බෞද්ධ අපි සැමගේ සිරිතකි. මෙම සිරිත අනුගමනය කරමින්,මොරටුව විශ්ව විද්‍යාලයීය ලියෝ සමාජයද නව වසරක වැඩ කටයුතුආරම්භ කිරීමට ප්‍රථම තුනුරුවනේ ආශිර්වාදය ලබා ගැනීමඋදෙසා බෝධි පූජා පිංකමක්
පවත්වන ලදි.

     2019/20 නව ලියෝ වසරට සෙත් ප්‍රාර්ථනා කිරීමේ අරමුණින්, 2019 ඇසළ මස 06 වන දින සවස් යාමයේ, මොරටුව ස්වර්ණ ශෛල බිම්බාරාම රජමහා විහාරයේදී මෙම පිංකම පැවැත්විණි. නව වසරේ නව බලාපොරොත්තු පෙරදැරි කරගත් ලියෝ වරුන් රැසක් මේ සඳහා සහභාගි වූ අතර, බෝධි පූජාව අවසානයේ සියලු දෙනා සදහම්
වැස්සේ නහවමින් පවත්වනු ලැබූ සදහම් දේශනාවෙන් පිංකම අවසන් විණි.
ආශිර්වාද බෝධි පූජා පිංකම අප ලියෝ සමාජයේ වාර්ෂිකව පවත්වන එක්ප්‍රධාන අංගයක් වන අතර, මෙවරද සියලු දෙනාගේ සහයෝගයෙන් එකවත්වා අවසන් කරන ලදී.


රෝපණ නැකත

හිරු මුල්වුණු නැකැත් බැඳුනු හෙළයේ මහා මංගල්‍යයට අපිටත් කලියෙන් ලක ලැහැස්ති වෙන්නෙ ගහකොළ සතා සීපාවො. දුර ඈතක ඇහෙන කොහාගෙ සද්දෙත් එක්ක යන්තමට රත් එරබදු හිනැහෙද්දි ගම්මානෙ පැල්කොට අවුරුදු කුමාරයාව පිළිගන්නට ලැහැස්ති වෙන්නෙ හරිම උද්‍යෝගයෙන්. ඵල බරට නැමුනු ගහකොල, සුපසන් අහස පවා මේ අසිරිමත් මංගල්‍යයට එක් කරන්නෙ මහත් ආශිර්වාදයක්. හෙළ සිරිතට මුල් තැන දෙමින් ලක්වැසි සෑම නිවසකම පාහේ මෙසේ චාරිත්‍ර විධි ඉෂ්ට සිද්ධ වෙද්දී මොරටුව විශ්වවිද්‍යාලීය ලියෝ සමාජය අලුත් අවුරුද්දෙ මූලික චාරිත්‍ර අතර, මඟහැරෙනසුලු චාරිත්‍ර අලුත් විදිහකට සමාජගත කරන්නට ගත් තවත් එක් උත්සාහයක් ලෙසට "රෝපණ නැකත" වැඩසටහන පටන් ගන්නෙ 2006 අවුරුද්දෙ.

මෙදා අවුරුද්දෙ රුක් රෝපණ නැකත යෙදී තිබුනෙ අප්‍රේල් 15 වෙනිදා. ඒ අනුව කල යුතු වූයේ මෙවරත් අප්‍රේල් 14 ,15 දෙදින තුළ වැඩ අල්ලන නැකතට පැලයක් සිටුවා එහි ඡායාරූපයක් UoM Leos නිල ෆේස්බුක් පිටුවේ පල කිරීමයි. ඒ අනුව දෙදින පුරාම ලියෝවරු මෙන්ම ලක්වාසීන් රැසකගේ උද්‍යෝගිමත් දායකත්වය මේ වෙනුවෙන් ලැබුණ බව කිව යුතුමය.

මිනිසා වෙනුවෙන්ම සේවය කොට මිනිසා නිසාම මියැදෙන සොබාදහමට සැබවින් ම අපි කෘතවේදී විය යුතුය. අවුරුද්දට සොබාදහමේ සිද්ධ වෙන පෙරළියේ අසිරිය විඳින්නට මතු පරපුරටත් අවස්ථාවක් දිය යුතුම ය. එහෙයින් හරිත ලොවක් අරමුණු කරගත් "රෝපණ නැකත" මෙදා අවුරුද්දෙත් රටපුරාම වැඩ ඇල්ලුණු යොවුන් දෑත් රැසකින් තුරු හදවත් විශාල සංඛ්‍යාවකට ජීවය දෙමින් ඉතා සාර්ථකව නිමා වුණු බව කිව හැකිය.

LEO Ape Awurudu

The dawn of month April fills the hearts of Sinhalese as well as Tamil people with prosperity, happiness and satisfaction, because it concludes the harvest season. The transition of the Sun from the House of Pisces to the House of Aries indicates the beginning of a New Year according to Sinhalese culture. Festive mood with various sweetmeats, auspicious times, various rituals enhance the enthusiasm in minds.

To experience this precious ceremonial function with its rituals and cultural games, Leo Club of University of Moratuwa conducted an outstanding Awurudu function at the University Lagaan premises, on 6 th April 2019 from 9.00 in the morning with the participation of Leos, prospects and past Leos. An attractive village house with the owners of it; Gama Mahatthaya and his beloved wife added an extra beauty to the program. Wife of Gama Mahatthaya, the lady in the house lit the hearth and cooked a pot of milk rice signifying prosperity. All the participants got the chance of tasting this milk rice and other sweets specially made with deliciousness. After the rituals, the Awurudu games commenced.

It was heart touching to see all the members playing together without concerning about any other factors but only the brotherhood. The most fascinating item in the function was the pillory and most of the members were given the opportunity to obtain an experience with the pillory and some situations are unforgettable. Bridging friendship together traditional games and joyous activities were the theme of the day. At the end of this blissful event, all the winners were given delectable gifts, which were opened just after the distribution. All the participants, whether winners or the defeated, got an equal opportunity of tasting the distributed sweets. The donation of past Leos of the club to appreciate the President Leo Kasun Ramanayaka was a special moment. All the participants were thrilled and built an everlasting bond succeeding the purpose of the event.

Green Waves

Mostly, the beauty in Sri Lanka lies in the coastal area and the surrounding ocean. Though, we are fortunate to have such an attractive environment around us, unfortunately, the pollution of Sri Lanka’s ocean has been increased in the last few years. This non-degradable waste and poisonous chemical addition to the ocean maximize the marine pollution, resulting some marine species to be categorized as endangered, while threatening the whole life in the ocean. The most recent incident that hit us greatly as a result of this is, during the end of this March, it was announced that the Great Barrier Coral Reef in Australia is now completely dead due to human activities.

As a responsible group of volunteers who dedicate their precious time towards the betterment of the society, the Leos and prospects of Leo club of University of Moratuwa has kept a giant pace, a beach cleaning program known as Green Waves with the aim of protecting coastal region, on 31 st March 2019. The target area was the coastal area from Rathmalana to Angulana. Green Waves was not only a program to clean the coastal area, it also enhanced the commitment and the unity among the Leos and prospects of the Club.

As many members of the club participated in the Leap project at Anuradhapura, the rest shared the responsibility of achieving the purpose of Green Waves indicating the leadership qualities through example. All the plastic wastages, polyethene and garbage that were disposed to the coast were carefully collected and disposed properly. There, the members participated in the project worked with the utmost ambition of enhancing the quality of our coasts. Finally, the project concluded with a great success, inheriting a clean and tidy coast to the nature again.

Leap 4

Running in a straight line is easier. But, it is difficult to run, if there are hurdles along the road. So, if we want to run, we’ll need to leap above them. It is the same when it comes to our lives. It is easier to
survive if there are no any challenges. But, we have to be ready to face challenges with our best effort, since our life is not a straight line, rather a path with lot of hurdles. As UoM Leos, LEAP is the stage that we built to make our country’s school children ready to face those challenges.

LEAP phase 4 was held at President’s College, Anuradhapura on 30 th and 31 st of March with a great success. Many leadership activities were done throughout the first day to improve leadership, quick thinking, creativity, time management skills and many other qualities among them. All of the students participated in those events with great energy and enthusiasm. At the end of the first day, there was a camp fire event that everyone was exited to enjoy. During the camp fire, dramatic skills of the students were shown and they were absolutely brilliant.

In the 2 nd day morning, a PT session was held and many PT activities were done in order to make them ready to face their next challenge. There, for the first time in a LEAP, a treasure hunt was done. It was done mainly to improve the students’ group working skills and quick decision making skills.
During these two days, a lot of memories were added to UoM Leo’s diary and the project marked its
completion as another successful milestone.


First Aid knowledge is invaluable for all of us, as individuals and as well as a community. It enables us to assist people in place of an accident or an emergency, until help arrives. First Aid skills may needed be applied at home, at the workplace or in public locations in a time we are totally not expecting.

Therefore, the more First Aid certified people there are in a community, the safer that community
becomes. As we are gathered through Leo Club of University of Moratuwa, to serve the community, we all have a responsibility to keep people aware of various such situations and how to react on them. That’s why, UoM Leos organized Heal All, emergency first aid workshop, to give practical knowledge and experience in first aid and about how to response in emergency situations.

The project was held on 20 th March 2019 at University of Moratuwa Old Gym premises. It was scheduled to begin at 8.30 a.m. in the morning and it was held throughout the day. This program was conducted by three brothers from Richmond College Past First Aid Association. Nearly 70 students from University of Moratuwa and Sri Lanka Technical College participated in this project and made the day a success.