A photograph is the pause button of life. It captures a moment already gone and let us to enjoy the feel within it forever. Photography is not only about clicking the shutter. It combines with the art of editing a photo that embeds a beauty and creativity to the hidden story.

With the objective of giving the knowledge to the interested and making them skilled, a workshop on photography and Photoshop was conducted by Leo Thilina Prasad, Leo Shiranga Wickramasinghe and Leo Chinthana Wimalasooriya on 24th January at the University premises.

There, a clear introduction on camera and how to use it, and how to edit a photowith Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop were well illustrated. The program was concluded as a success with the hope that we laid a firm base to their photography life.


Kolomthotin Yalpanamata was a journey of fraternity that we carried the warmth of harmony and happiness from heart to heart, all the way along from Colombo to Jaffna. This time, UOM Leos celebrated the wonder of the prosperous Pongal festival, while continuing their service projects to accomplish the responsibility towards the society, as a two day project series on 20th and 21st January. On the first day, we were truly blessed with the prosperous Pongal celebration at Rattaijapulam vairavar kovil, Sandilipay. The members of the Aranery Hindu society joined with us to celebrate this wonderful event according to their cultural traditions. Kolam art is a symbol of the auspiciousness in the Hindu culture. We organized a Kolam competition at Channagum kovil and it was a huge success.

While feeling the cheer and good luck of Pongal, UOM Leos didn’t forget to celebrate it in
a prosperous manner. Second day we organized a beach cleaning project to clean the Casuarina beach, Jaffna. Since we know that, every removal of trash reveals something beautiful, we put our full effort to clean that area. 

Next half of the day, we spent at Valvakam blind school joining hands with Leo Club of Manipay Parish, continuing project Vision which was carried out to help the children
who haven’t taken their blindness as an excuse.

We donated some stationary items andentertained them by singing songs. Finally, we were able to successfully complete this project series, Kolomthotin Yalpanamata while proving the unconfined service of UOM Leos.


Leadership is an art of motivating a group of people to act towards a common goal. “Navigation” the leadership camp, which was organized by the UoM Leos for the students of Wp/Mt Halwala C.W.W. Kannangara Maha Vidyalaya was an

effort to sharpen the leadership skills
of the students. It was held on 20th and 21st of January at the school premises. Day one consisted of two seminars under the themes of sex education and drug prevention. 

The drug prevention program was organized under the “Pahasara Hetak” project series to aware the students about bad effects of drugs. In the evening, leadership activities were done in groups. Finally, day one was concluded with a campfre. 

On the other day, students actively
participated on a hike and they experienced adventurous events at the top of the mountain. The project was concluded after the prize giving. We hoped that the project will become a ladder to broaden the students’ personal and inter personal skills.  


The annual cricket match and get together is a much anticipated event in UoM Leos’ diary, a day in which all past and present Mora Leos mingle with each other to enjoy a relaxing day recalling past memories to renew the bond of fraternity.

The event was heldon 14th January 2018 at Somaweera Chandrasiri ground, Piliyandala from 9.00 a.m. onwards with the participation of many old Leos and current Leos representing generations carrying the legacy of Mora Leoism.

Among the participants were Lion Kamal Senevirathne and multiple district secretary Leo Lion Kesari Senevirathne. The whole day was stunnedwith captivating rounds of cricket tournaments followed by a joyful conclusion.

The project chairman Leo Kalpa Pathum had done a great deal of work to make the whole event a success. All Leos who took part in witnessed a joyful day filled with the amusement of having the split second rivalry among the brethren some rare thing to be seen in hectic lifestyle.

Mid Year Review

If we want to do better in the future, from time to time, we should take a quick glance on what we’ve done so far. Out of those important instances of review, mid-year means a special occasion. The instant that we have passed half a dozen of months and still we have half a way to go is the time that we have to come up with new proposals, decisions and plans.

      UoM Leo’s mid-year review was held on 18th of January 2018 at university premises, from 6.30 p.m. onwards.  Leo Lion Pramod Wimalathunge, Leo Lion Kesari Senevirathne PMJF and Lion Kamal Senevirathne PMJF were present at the event as chief guest, guest of honor and special guest. Leo of the month and quizzy pop winner were gifted on that day and also all the members who has committed for the prevailing success of the club were rewarded by the executive board. Mid-year review was successfully winded up with fresh hopes for upcoming half of the year.