The drama “Eka sakkuwe”

Service to be done, opportunities to be taken, courage is already there so we have to have collection. For collect in a creative way, we, the UoM LEOs staged a drama as a fund raising project.

‘Eka sakkuwe’ was a popular drama which was a proud production of Mr. Sarath Kothalawala. It was staged on 25th of October 2017 at Old gym of university of Moratuwa, in two shows, 4.30pm and       7.00 pm. So many university students and even Leos too came to watch this drama, and we were able to see queue of hopeful joyful spectators before show times. The well-known actors who were present in the drama performed their best to convey the message of the drama to the audience. And we could conclude it as todays drama which touched the core of the hearts of audience by seen the feedback of the invitees and spectators.
 The great writer Shakespeare has told that life is a stage and we are mere actors on it. So we provided the chance of visualizing the reflection of our selves for two hours by conducting this project. Ultimately this can be nominated as a successful project which satisfied the Leoism once again.

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