~A guidance to reach the colors of attitude~

Rainbows with seven colours are not frequent, but once they are appeared in the clear sky everyone of us down on Earth appreciate the glamorous view of it.

If someone can become a rainbow with the colours of wisdom that everyone appreciate the person will be the luckiest of all. The happiness received by the person who became the guidance to an innocent fellow to fly for a rainbow will be immeasurable.


May 5th and 6th were not just two days for the UOM Leos. They got the opportunity to be that guidance to little fellows of MO/Ellekona K.V. and MO/Yakunnawa M.V. The students of grade 9, 10 and 11 were privileged to have an OL Seminar, motivation program and Leadership development program with the organization of UOM Leos. It ended with a hope in our hearts that they will find the wings to fly for a rainbow of wisdom.