As human beings we can’t live alone. Our lives are always about being taken care of or being a caretaker for others. We are growing by learning nurturing, love and compassion. Taking care of elders may be difficult due to their physical and emotional problems.

       But elders are the one who deserve our honour, love and care. 28th of August 2016 was a special day for the elders of Aluthwala Amaraseela Elders’ Home because they could feel the love and affection of UoM Leos.

    We spent the whole day with elders and shared the happiness. We cleaned their premises and made it more pleasant for the elders to live. We bathed them and served meals to them. True smiles in the faces of elders came up by passing many barriers of wounds. It was a day they were blessed from the warm hearts of UoMLeos.



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