Evening with Elders

With the dawn of the centennial era, we got an opportunity to reach another milestone of the UoM Leo history. We launched the very first international twinning project, “You Smile, We Smile”, joining with the Leo Club of Butwal Manimukunda, celebrating the occasion of their first anniversary. On 21st of September, UoM Leos spent the day at the Methodist Elders Home Moratmulla while the Leo Club of Butwal Manimukunda spent the day with differently abled children at Butwal-13, Nepal. 

George Washington Carver once said that, “How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong because, some day in your life you will have been all of these.” Once in life and never again we all will have two supreme characters from whom we learn the true meaning of the words “purest love”. So called are the “Parents”; the amazing selfless creation to this harsh world. There are some people in this world who are just running after money and achievements, without any sense about the true meaning and purpose of life and the greatness behind the small precious things that matters us most in this world, like parents. They might never understand, that they will not be able to reach the climax of their achievements because they lack the heartiest blessings from their parents. Elder care homes have become the roof for the mothers and fathers of these people, to spend the later part of their lonely lives, relieving their blessings to the empty space of their own frozen souls. 

Listening to their sweet stories once they had dreamed to say to their grandchildren, sharing their pain and loneliness and bringing smile to those faces even for a second, might be the best thing that one can do to console those lonely fragile minds. Along with this twinning project UoM Leos were privileged to bring a smile on the faces of such elders at Methodist Elders Home Moratmulla and bring a light to their gloomy lives. We had tea and snacks and a small musical evening with them. They sang with us, danced with us, forgetting all the grievances for a while. We were able to shine their hearts and fill their minds with happiness while on the other way around we were more than happy by knowing that we were the reason behind their happiness and blissful smiles. Finally it was comprehended that it was very much befitting to use 
“YOU SMILE-WE SMILE” as the title for this blissful evening.


        As human beings we can’t live alone. Our lives are always about being taken care of or being a caretaker for others. We are growing by learning nurturing, love and compassion. Taking care of elders may be difficult due to their physical and emotional problems.

       But elders are the one who deserve our honour, love and care. 28th of August 2016 was a special day for the elders of Aluthwala Amaraseela Elders’ Home because they could feel the love and affection of UoM Leos.

    We spent the whole day with elders and shared the happiness. We cleaned their premises and made it more pleasant for the elders to live. We bathed them and served meals to them. True smiles in the faces of elders came up by passing many barriers of wounds. It was a day they were blessed from the warm hearts of UoMLeos.



Desire is said to be the starting point of achievements. Once we have a vision and a decision for an achievement we will reach it eventually with the helping hands of courage, dedication and unity. We, Leos of University of Moratuwa possessed so called helping hands and we all got a unique vision through our career. We have spent another lively year, illuminating thousands of hearts, making a smile on thousands of faces while spreading the message of humanity. We have never failed in believing the unwavering truth of the saying “The more you give the happier you get”. We were able to spend a year full of blissful memories which last forever.

Having completed another successful year, we are about to dominate the centennial dawn of the Leostic years. On the 10th of September 2016 we took the first step of our journey through the challenging path of the New Year. Installation of the new leaders who will be the backbones of this centennial arena was done on that special day. 

Chief Guest for the 14th Installation Ceremony of the Leo club of University of Moratuwa was the President of the Leo District 306A2 Leo Kesari Seneviratna PMJF. The head table was spirited with dignitaries of Leo District 306A2.

Leo Shehan Akmeemana became the Main Pillar by being appointed as the President for the leostic year 2016/2017 while Leo Yasiru Nilan became the Secretary for the dawning year with  Leo Achala Isuru  became the treasurer. The installation became a stylish event remarking the emergence of another distinctive year where UoM Leos will treat the world with their beautiful souls bound to do the best.