Historically, cleanliness has been considered as one of the important factors by which a society’s development can be measured. All the religious leaders, including Lord Buddha, placed a great emphasis on cleanliness and purity both physically and spiritually. 

A temple is a place of developing the spiritual life of people. Therefore a temple should be clean, calm, peaceful and a quiet place avoiding unnecessary noises. 

To fulfill this and to improve the happiness of members by doing community development projects, we took another step in the series of continuous projects, ‘ARANA’. It was a shramadana campaign held at Kodagoda Rajamaha Viharaya, Imaduwa on 20th August. We cleaned the temple premises, painted the buildings and helped the ongoing construction work at the temple premises. 

It was a successful event with the participation of Leos and prospects of the club.  

Suwa Sarana
Let the groundwork of happiness be the good health!

Good health is the utmost wealth that anyone can have in life. UOM Leos conducted an Awareness program about non-communicable diseases at Yatiyana Medical Center to spread the message on health. Apart from conveying that message with the help of the MOH, they conducted a health camp. Eye checkups, blood tests, breast tests, random sugar tests, thyroid checkups were done on the occasion for villagers for free of charge. The participants were refreshed with kurakkan kanda. The villagers were addressed by the Public Health Inspector at the end of the session.

19th of August 2016 was an inspiring day for the villagers in Yatiyana. With the help of the UOM Leos they received the guidance towards the paradise of health.


Giving a smile to someone who forgot to smile is the best thing someone can do. 
                                          ~Mother Theresa~ 

Parents are the people who made their kids grow up, pampered them, spent their whole life for them and now are in need of help as they grew old with gray hair and painful bones.

Although parents never let their kids to be helpless as they grow up, in the present most of the children neglect their parents and let them be helpless in  elders’ homes where they are only provided with just shelter and food not the love and affection they need.

So we, UoM Leos thought of visiting one such place to spend the day with the lonely elders and give them some love and affection they seek in the later parts of their lives. We paid a visit to Thihagoda Elder’s home on 31st of July with hearts full of love and affection.  First, all the elders were bathed and then all their clothes as well as their living areas were cleaned. After the cleaning was done we were able to give them a proper meal, and a moment to relieve their pain and enjoy by singing along with us. At the end of the session, innocent smiles on their faces depicted the success of our effort to bring some love and affection to their lonely lives.