Hand In Hand

            Every leader has a missing ingredient…

Do you believe this? …Many of you will think’ YES’...So on 12th of September, as a solution, UOM Leos introduce the latest recipe - ‘missing ingredients for a leader’.

It was a leadership development program. With the support of the community service club of the Gateway College, Dehiwala, UOM Leos were succeed in rooting the qualities of a leader, inside every student of Methodist High School Moratuwa who were there.

Since all the noble works are succeed in both theoretical and practical way, ‘hand in hand’ had the theoretical phase-the leadership and positive attitude development program with Leo Shehan Kumar and the practical phase –team work building games with overall hundred students and Leo prospects.

So Gateway college students and Methodist School had proven that for the friendship, the colour, size, shape do not really matter as long as the motivation and guidance were given.

It is been said that leadership is not a position or a title; it is an action or an example. So BE an example. Then one day you will produce more leaders not followers.

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