Hand In Hand

            Every leader has a missing ingredient…

Do you believe this? …Many of you will think’ YES’...So on 12th of September, as a solution, UOM Leos introduce the latest recipe - ‘missing ingredients for a leader’.

It was a leadership development program. With the support of the community service club of the Gateway College, Dehiwala, UOM Leos were succeed in rooting the qualities of a leader, inside every student of Methodist High School Moratuwa who were there.

Since all the noble works are succeed in both theoretical and practical way, ‘hand in hand’ had the theoretical phase-the leadership and positive attitude development program with Leo Shehan Kumar and the practical phase –team work building games with overall hundred students and Leo prospects.

So Gateway college students and Methodist School had proven that for the friendship, the colour, size, shape do not really matter as long as the motivation and guidance were given.

It is been said that leadership is not a position or a title; it is an action or an example. So BE an example. Then one day you will produce more leaders not followers.

Insight - Book Donation

“Books are the plane,
And  the train and the road.

They are the destination,

And  the  journey.

They are home.”

                        -Anna Quindlen

Do you know a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies?Various kinds of books give rebirth to the readers as each new book is a new beginning in their life.

Books can make people different as they aren’t made of pages and words, they are made of hopes,dreams and possibilities. We know that library is the ideal place for a reader.So,if we can donate one book to a library ,it is worthy as it is not for single person,it is for all library users.This generous work was done on 10th of September with the collaboration of Lions club of Piliyandala and with the support Leos of University of Moratuwa. Insight, the book donation programme helped  to  bring  new  books  for library users  to  make  it fulfill  from  various  types  of  books.

 Knowledge is always free at library.So bring your own container and fill it up……………

Report writing workshop

                     “You don’t write because you want to say something…
                             "You write because you have something to say..”

                                                                                      - F. Scott  Fitzgerald

So what is more powerful “have to” or “want to”? I think “have to” is more powerful. Then if someone wants to add a little more power to it he should be more creative. Is this applicable for the writing…. Yes it is. Let’s start like this. It’s us who control the pen and we should not allow ourselves to be controlled by the pen. But how can find a way of controlling the pen.

So to find out this way, UoM Leos organized a report writing work shop for their members on 20th September 2015 at the university premises. They were lucky enough to get a valuable training with the District secretary Leo Kasun Hemala who was the resource person of the workshop. The participants may had thousands of struggling feelings, emotions in their heads. Leo Kasun showed the way of getting out those feelings out of their minds to the paper and how to add the creativity.

It is a noble thing to share good things we learnt. One day you may ‘have to’ write on anything for your sake or for others sake. So whatever your purpose be yourself, Do not push yourself to write that do not cross your heart... Get your word from the both bottom of your heart and the mind…then the outcome on the paper will be perfect.


Have you ever wanted to build a kite?  It should be definitely “YES”

Well, here it is about the Kite Festival which was done on 30th of August in Mount Lavinia beach. It was a blissful day as we felt like we are flying with kites without any limitations. They made lovely scenes , making the sky like a painting book with sky full of colours.

We conducted the event from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm with main categories such as most creative kite,best Leo promoting kite and largest kite, with 150 participants.There were fun games and DJ throughout the project,making the event more enjoyable one. At the end of the day we distributed awards for the winners as a motivation for their skills.

Kites colour the sky,spreading their brilliant colours with simplicity. So as they coloured the whole day of our project, adding smiles for the faces of everyone.

You don’t need to be rich or poor.
You don’t need to be single or married.
You don’t need to be  top in your class
You don’t even want to be in the first place.
You just NEED to do whatever you want to do,be whoever you want to be,and live your life the way you want to live.
Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise
Tell him or her to go fly a KITE.