Stage Drama "Malwadam Anawashyai"

Drama is a language that everyone understands, but interprets in different ways. If two persons watch
the same drama together, the idea they get may diverse from each other.

“Mal wadam anawashyai’’ was organized by Leo club of University of Moratuwa as the annual
mega fund raising project. It is a comedy directed & produced by Priyantha Ranjan. This drama gives
the message of the reality in life and what the end of our lives can be. Well-known, conversant actors
like Wijaya Nandasiri, Surangi Kosala, Kumara Thirimadura, Sarath Kulanga and Kumari Senarathne
performed the play ensuring the higher quality of the drama is delivered to the audience.
performed on 2nd premises.
This was a great evening for all the university students and the staff members to enjoy and feel
the change of the monotony of everyday routine life with academic work. Further this play brought
out a new experience to the audience who gathered with us in that evening. Nearly 1600 drama lovers
participated in this event to make our effort a success.
 July 2014 (from 4.30 pm and 7.00 pm onwards – 2 Shows) at University

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