SINA PIPENA ME WASANTHAYA... | Lec by Prof.Kusuma Karunarathna

The fascinating four years; which is one can spend at the end of their school life, is nothing more than the four years we spend in the University as an undergraduate. This would be the most wonderful four years in their entire lives. The future of an undergraduate depends on the way he or she spend these years and make use of it. And so on the future of the country mainly depends on them. One may become a great inheritance to the country at the end of the university life while another would say good bye to the university at the end with lots of problems and frustration. It’s important to counsel them and guide through the right path to a happy and fruitful ending which benefits themselves and also the country.

           Leo club of University of Moratuwa organized a lecture on the topic of “SINA PIPENA ME WASANTHAYA”. Our guest lecturer was prof. Kusuma Karunaratne who was the first female professor of Sinhala Language. She has authored so many research publications and translated books and classical works form Sinhala to English and vice versa. More than that, she has conducted a series of programs over the radio and television on language, culture, society, ethics and gender issues. That was the main reason to select Prof. Kusuma Karunaratne as our guest lecturer.

  As an undergraduate I have met with varied fellow undergraduates throughout my university life who has messed up as a student because of various problems such as broken love affairs, drug addiction, stress, family and social problems and etc... I really wanted to do something against this and prevent them from ruining the valuable gift they got; the university education. As a Leo I thought to arrange a lecture regarding above situation. When I was thinking of a proper resource person for the lecture, Prof. Kusuma Karunaratne’s name came to my mind at once because of her popularity in conducting such lectures. I forwarded my idea to my club members to get their opinions and all of them agreed to organize a guest lecture at university premises.

          The lecture was continued throughout more than one and half hours with the participation of about two hundred Leos, Leo prospects, university lecturers and students. Her experiences and advices as a lecturer in university, as a beloved wife of a great person and as a good mother of two engineers was a great help for the audience to make their paths in the right way. As the chairman of the project I’m very happy to say that the event was a very successful one. The lecture was done mainly targeting the fresher’s batch and there was a good participation of them to the lecture. No one was shouting and sleeping throughout the lecture. Most of the audience encouraged me to do such projects again and again in the university.

            We were able to achieve all of our goals in this event. We were able to make a huge sound about our club inside the university again as usual. All the participants obtained some invaluable thoughts which are essential for their future lives. Finally the project came to its end as another great social service which was conducted by the Leo Club of University of Moratuwa.

Tuition beyond the country code | In Malaysia

            “Education perfects us. It is the heartbeat of a perfect life.”  As it implies, education is not a simple word. It covers a vast area. Simply education means life. Our whole life depends on our education. Normally in the society, the word education means learning in a school, university or some other institution.

In the project, “Tuition beyond the country code” we hoped to help such kind of children with our knowledge. This is not an ordinary educational project. It was a friendly international project to help children to learn and perfect their lives.
            This special project was done as a joint project with Leo Club of Metro Methodist College KL (O), Malaysia, Leo Club of Horana Metro, Leo Club of Katuwawala, Leo Club of Piliyandala and Leo Club of Rattanapitiya. Target group of this project was a group of poor children (7-12 years of age) who haven’t enough financial background to go to private tuition classes. They were from the nearby areas where Metro Methodist College KL has been situated.

             There were 15-20 children of the age group of 7-12 years. We grouped children according to their ages and conducted the session. In the teaching session Leo Isuru and Leo Chathuranga took the responsibility of mathematics session. Basics for little brains were focused accordingly and step by step. It was a friendly education session. Little boys and girls were so keen to learn from us and we were glad that we could help them. English grammar lessons and pronunciation session was done with the help of other Leos from A2 and Metro Methodist college.

At the end of the day it was a great successful which we could be really proud of as a team. Both children and we enjoyed it. After the education session it was the time for fun. We distributed packets of toffees and sweets among children. They enjoyed it very much. We had chats and friendly discussions with them about their personal lives as well. We felt something like after a long time they met some close relations.

Our Contributers :
·         Leo Ash Yeoh (Yeoh Min Li) - President, Leo Club of Metro Methodist College KL (O), Malaysia & four other Leos from Leo Club of MCKL
·         Leo Isuru Senadheera - Immediate Past District President, Leo District 306 A2
·         Leo Chathuranga Gunasekara - President, Leo Club of University of Moratuwa
·         Leo Charith Siriwardena - Leo Club of Piliyandala
·         Leo Hiranya Perera - Leo Club of Horana Metro
·         Leo Pramod Sean - Leo Club of Rattanapitiya
·         Leo Surini Kumbukage - Leo Club of Katuwawala