"Api Akurata Meli Novemu-2012" - Seminar Series

The main annual educational project of UOM Leo's "Api akurata meli nowemu"was organized for this year on 17th 18th and 19th of October. It is the end of September and the O\L exams were closing in Leo club of University of Moratuwa decided to give a helping hand to a set of students who are not having enough facilities to learn mathamatics. Since few schools were selected to conduct the seminar for two days around the Welimada area.

For this year we were selected two schools to conduct the seminar with participation of near schools. Bandarawela Royal college,Welimada was selected to conduct the seminar for the first day and for that day following schools were participated.

*B/Sumanajothi Vidhyalaya
*B/Dangamuwa Vidhyalaya
*B/Katugalla Vidhyalaya
*B/Basdulla Vidhyalaya
*B/Sapugolla Vidhyalaya
*B/Rahupola Vidhyalaya
*B/Pannalawela Vidhyalaya
*B/Unapana Vidhyalaya

more than 200 students were participated for the seminar and it was conducted from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.Second day the seminar was conducted at B/Madawela maha vidhyalaya and more than 60 students were took part.

Students were given a complete set of model exam paper of mathematics and other additional notes,which were prepared by Uom Leo's and department of education.

Problems that they had regarding the examination were discussed and we could give them a proper solution for the problems.

At the end of the seminar we motivated students to grow up their confident to face the exam and share our O\L experiences with them to have good result.The video presentation could motivate the students to face the exam.
Students and teachers were appreciate our commitment for the seminar by thanking us and they were give good support to make the event a success.

at Bandarawela Royal college

at B/Madawela maha vidhyalaya

At the end it was a great experience for us and our hope is to have good result for them.

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