“ARE YOU READY TO CHOOSE ONE?”- A/L student awareness seminar on subject selection

Why Subject selection critical?

The O/L examination is regarded as the qualification examination for starting on GCE(A/L). Specialization streaming is depended on the grades obtained for subjects in the O/L. The country's reputed schools admit students to their A/L, depending on the O/L grades.

Senior Secondary (O/L) education lasts for two years, grade 10- 11, after which students have to sit for the G.C.E. ordinary level to qualify for Senior Secondary G.C.E. (A/L) education which lasts another two years until students are prepared for the G.C.E. Advanced level examination.

Since the students nowadays are used to have extra classes for almost all the A/L subjects, they have to make a decision on which stream they are going to follow without having the advantage of deciding based on their O/L results. At this situation the students are in a confused period of time and we thought to give them a helping hand to ease their pressure.

How it was done…

First we thought of the place where it would be the best to conduct this event. Since Welimada is an area where a lot of students come from, we thought it would be the best place and We chose the main hall of the school as it was very convenient and it is a place where we could gather students from a larger area.

Awareness session

Leo Kanishka Pubudu was conducted this session. As he mentioned as his speech that he was also really confused and was in the same position as all the participants are. He told them that he has asked from several elder students and a number of teachers what he should do and has followed almost all the classes in the beginning, because he was unable to take the correct decision at once. He has provided many important tips in his speech and was a very enjoyable one indeed.

Group activity

Since the students were listening to speeches for a while it started to get a bit uneasy. And it was the best time to have the group activity. They were grouped and then given topics to do a presentation based on the topic they were given. All the groups did short dramas and most of them were very much entertaining.

We all had a great time with the students and we shared our experiences with them. They were very happy about the whole session and they asked us to do it in the next year also.

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