WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE - Awareness program about the share market

It was all about share market, just in the middle of a pocket meeting to discuss about future projects on up coming months. Most of the university students try to earn some money to spend their day to day life by using different methods. So what about introducing the share market to our batch mates……..it was not a just another idea, a great one.

So without any hesitation we talked about it in the same meeting. So we the UOM leo’s divided the responsibilities and as the first thing we contacted managers from the Colombo stock exchange as the knowledge distributors. So as they gave us a date to do the work shop, we discussed how to find sponsors for our workshop to overcome financial difficulties on printing material ,advertising and refreshments. So we had suggestion from one of our leo’s to add stock brokers as the financial supporters.

Next it was about how to do the advertising part inside and outside the university.
As the first thing we did a poster campaign inside the university displaying the venue and the date ,here few of the posters we used…..

Not only posters,we even used the the facebook as method of advertising to pass the massage to other leo clubs. And also we displayed huge digitally printed cut outs in front of the university entrance.

After d things do make our project a success and it was 25th of august we were at the venue ,electronic and telecommunication department university of moratuwa. It was a lecture room with a capacity over hundred students. As the guest speakers from the Colombo stock exchange were right on time at the premises, we started the work shop at 10.30 am with a warm welcome by the project chairman.

Guest speakers continued lectures for more than two hours with tutorials and hand books including information about CSE.

While the lecture was delivering some of the guest from CSE gave more information to individuals and they helped them to open new accounts on share market with the help from visiting stock broaking companies who were present at the occasion. So at the end of the lecture listeners were given a time to clear out their problems. By taking the best use of it most of the listeners raised hands to full fill their mistaken points.

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