The campaign was organized as a joint project with Leo club of Colombo (Host). It was initiated by Leo Asitha Pinnaduwa of Leo club of Colombo(Host) and Leo Namal Deshapriya of Leo club of University of Moratuwa. The primary purpose of this project was to clean the lake in the temple premises which was in a poor condition due to the bad maintenance. By the time we went there, condition of the lake was so bad up to the level of a environmental problem creator. It had lead to bad smell and mosquito problem.
The Leos took the initiative part and started cleaning the lake from the morning. After 7 hours of hard working, our leos came to the finish line of campaign. The time was 3.30 pm. Every face of a Leo was full of smile for being a successful workers after cleaning the lake and planting Lotus there giving a more pleasant environment in to the temple.

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