Leo cricket carnival - 2006

Leo cricket carnival - 2006 took place on 15th of October 2006 at the UOM playground.
It was fullllllll of competence and verrrrrrrrryyyyyyy hot.
16 teams fought for the trophy and Moratuwa Orients were the champions and UOM Leos became runners up.

Monthly Boodhi Puujawa

Monthly Boodhi pujawa for month September was held at Siri Wijayaramaya, Deniya on 12th September. Most of the Leos of our club including few prospects participated for the event.

Dhammapadaya for Binara Released

Leo Puzzle 2

The 2nd round of the Leo Puzzle releaced. Try your self...

The Trend Hasn't change yet

Still we are leading in the District Contest. But by a small number.

Welldone people...!
Keep it up...

Leo Puzzle Answers

Poloskottoruwa 2

Poloskottoruwa 1

Council General Meeting - August

The first council general meeting was held on 27th Sunday at Camila School Mattegoda with the hosting of Leo Club of Polgasowita. The following were participated.

Leo Vidula Hasaranga (RD)
Leo Sumudu Amarasinghe (RD)
Leo Tharanga Gunasekera (RD)
Leo Subashini Bandara (Secretary / DE)
Leo Dureka Jayanthi (Member)

A First Aid Training Program organized by the Leo Club of Polgasowita followed the council meeting and it gave leos very good understanding about first aid methods. It is very enjoyble event.
Welldone Polgasowita.

Installation Ceremony of Werahera

4 Leos were participate for the installation ceremony of the new baby of the district on 26th Saturday evening. The Leo club of Werahera.
Those Leos are,
Leo Vidula Hasaranga (RD)
Leo Tharanga Gunasekera (RD)
Leo Sumudu Amarasinghe (RD)
Leo Subashini Bandara (Secretary / District Editor)

Welcome Leo Club of Werahera.

Leo Puzzle - July

The answers for the July Leo Puzzel are emailed. There is only one winner with correct answers and that is Leo Sepalika.

Well Done Se...

Dhammapadaya for month August (For Nikini Poya) has been published.

See you all next month with the next episode.